Quick Answer: Who Is Presenting The One Show Tonight?

Who was the pianist on the one show tonight?

Nicholas McCarthy.

Inspirational pianist Nicholas McCarthy has achieved stunning musical success despite being born without a right hand..

Who are the main presenters of the One Show?

From Alex Jones and Matt Baker to Michelle Ackerley and Gethin Jones, The One Show hosts often reveal glimpses of their home lives on social media.

Did Gethin Jones dating Alex Jones?

Gethin and Alex got onto the subject of dating on The One Show back in April while speaking to Spice Girl Melanie C about her new music and life in quarantine. … Gethin tried to move on from the revelation and continued interviewing Melanie while Alex apologised by saying: “Sorry, Geth.”

Is the one show Cancelled?

The One Show usually takes BBC One’s 7pm slot on weekday evenings but last Friday night, Alex, 43, announced the programme would be off-air until the New Year.

Who is presenting the one show?

The One Show viewers have backed Jermaine Jenas to have a permanent hosting role on the BBC programme. Jermaine, 37, returned as temporary co-host alongside show anchor Alex Jones last night (Monday, October 5). The former footballer is expected to remain on The One Show’s green sofa for the rest of the week.